At PVMATION SA we specialize in Process Automation and Industrial Machinery. Our main objective is:

  • Increase your productivity.
  • Maximize the quality of your final product.
  • Improve the safety of your workers.

We are a team of technical professionals and engineers with more than 10 years of experience in industrial automation projects oriented to provide the solution that best suits the needs of each client. Our proposals are based on the latest technologies developed by vanguard leading firms. We understand the complexity of the projects, we know the obstacles, difficulties and changes that are presented. We accompany our clients in each of the stages, advising them and giving them the necessary support to reach their objectives.

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We have a wide range of industrial services with the following scopes

Turnkey Automation
It reduces initial investment costs, costs of internal structure and operational installations are guaranteed.
We offer turnkey solutions that meet expectations and specifications to ensure immediate and reliable operation
Engineering Services and Consulting
Diseño de arquitecturas para sistemas de control. Planificación y desarrollo de ingeniería básica y de detalle.
Electrical cabinets for automation
Elaboración de ingeniería básica y de detalle de tableros de baja tensión para comando de motores (CCM) con gabinetes fijos o extraíbles y tableros de comando para periferia de sistema de control y redes de campo. Tableros de distribución de potencia.
Commissioning and Start-Up
Permite minimizar los problemas de terreno, el alcance completo de la implementación se evalúa y ensaya sobre la instalación definitiva. La evaluación incluye prueba de señales de planta, pruebas con producto final o sustituto y los ajustes necesarios para el inicio de la producción.
Field instrumentation
Diseño, especificación, provisión y documentación de detalle de Redes de campo:
· ProfiNet.
· Profibus DP.
· Redes para tratamiento de señales Analogicas Profibus PA.
· Redes para tratamiento de señales Digitales ASi.
· ControlNet / DeviceNet / Ethernet.
· Fieldbus Fundation.
Ingeniería básica y de detalle de instrumentación, especificaciones técnicas en función a condiciones de uso, típicos de instalación, diagramas de lazos, provisión y montaje de equipamiento.
Technical Support
Análisis y diseño de estrategias, desarrollo de implementación y configuración de todo el equipamiento. Los servicios de configuración se basan en estándares de programación que se adaptan a la solución de cada necesidad.


Our experience in industrial processes allows us to have a specialized in solutions working group that guarantees an efficient response, following high quality standards to provide reliability to our customers
We develop and implement escalable Automation and Control Systems capable of centralized or distributed operation

• Consultancy, engineering and development of turnkey solutions for processes automation and control.
• Provision of integral solutions in the area of instrumentation and control systems, including engineering, supply and integration of equipment, configuration of systems, functional tests, commissioning and start up.
• Development and implementation of HMI and SCADA systems, incorporating connectivity and integration solutions.
• Programming and development of PLC, DCS and SS.
• Technological updating of instrumentation and control systems in existing plants.
• Training and accompaniment during production.
• Support in the execution and monitoring of projects.


Thinking about the needs and requirements of our customers, we decided to increase the staff of the Engineering Department. Currently has a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in instrumentation and control engineering applied to the process industry. PVMATION offers integral solutions to its clients for all possible stages of a project.


We supply the necessary products to implement complete Automation solutions.

Provision of Control System Hardware and Software
Servers of the Base System.
Engineering Stations.
Operation Stations.
Maintenance Stations
Controllers and HMI Terminals

Equipment for peripheral controls
The equipment necessary for the acquisition and control of field data is provided in a centralized or distributed through Field Networks according to the environmental conditions and specifications of each installation.

Installation and laying of electrical wiring and data networks
Field Buses.
Corporate networks.
Command and low voltage electrical.
Instrumentation and control.
Tele-monitoring and HD monitoring systems.

Electrical boards of power and control for automation
Planning, fabrication and assembly of electrical panels for automation.
Low voltage panels for the control of motors of MCC type with fixed or removable cabinets. Control panels for the periphery of the control system and field networks.

Instrumentation and Equipment
Solutions for level, flow, pressure and temperature measurement.
Integration with existing control systems, support in selection and field installation.
We provide valves for a large number of applications in different industries.



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